On the sunny *Sunday* that was February 16th, about 40 folks attended a clean up along the Peninsula Crossing Trail in St. Johns, the event’s organizer said.

*We originally said Saturday

“The motivation for the cleanup was to try to heal some of our divisive issues”, Kelly Tadlock said when asked why she planned the event.

“Though some will never heal some will. It was hopefully an offering to those neighbors who feel no one cares that they are living without basic sanitation, water, and heating amenities.”

“Mostly because we love our houseless community is why people showed up to support”, she said.

Supplies for the clean up were donated by individuals and local businesses. A nice spread of food kept the volunteers’ strength up, and gave an opportunity for the housed and unhoused to get to know each other.

Here are some more photographs from the event, including a few from the new home of the Belmont Goats located next to the trail.

Neighbors focused their Peninsula Crossing Trail clean up on the area between the trail head (bottom of the image) and N Lombard Street.