St. Johns Neighborhood Association January general meeting


About 100 people attended the St. Johns Neighborhood Association January general meeting. On the agenda was a presentation from a group that runs a syringe exchange as well as proposed changes to the organization’s bylaws.

Video & audio by Cory Elia

@ 8:40Robert King, policy advisor to Mayor Ted Wheeler and former Portland Police Bureau North Precinct Commander, gives a presentation about public safety.

@ 27:20 – The Portland People’s Outreach Project gave a presentation about their work in the neighborhood. One of the neighbors who use their services spoke as well as neighbors who opposed the program.

Questions from neighbors interrupted their presentation, and you see them resume at the beginning of the video.

@ 1:04:30 – The board’s discussion of the bylaws begins. The board said they plan to vote on the bylaw revisions next meeting. We examined the issue closely, including some concerns neighbors have about the new SJNA’s stance on services here.

The next SJNA general meetings will be held on Monday, February 10 from 7 pm – 8:30 pm at the St. Johns Community Center, 8427 N. Central St.


General meetings take place on the 2nd Monday of each month, go here for specific dates.

2 thoughts on “St. Johns Neighborhood Association January general meeting

  1. Kelly Tadlock says:

    This is especially encouraging to hear from 2 former addicts speak about how they were able to use PPOP to stop using. What was striking was how they opened themselves up to the scrutiny of some unfriendly neighbors. I am not sure I could have done that with this crowd. I was a bit scared for them…I am going to listen again so that I can point to exactly where they are speaking because I am afraid that with all the heated back and forth that might have been lost. For me that was the most powerful part of this meeting. Thanks so much for recording this as many neighbors do not get a chance to attend these meetings.


    1. We’re happy to help Kelly! Neighborhood-level engagement is definitely important.

      The recordings are good for people who can’t attend— and to get what these neighborhood representatives say on the record too.


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