Environmental justice on the Willamette River and hip hop in St. Johns

Illamette: A Hip Hop River Festival (event):

Illamette is an all-ages, all-day hip hop festival on the Willamette River held on Saturday, August 24th from 11:30 am – 6 pm in Cathedral Park.

“Presented by Portland Harbor Community Coalition & Get Hooked Foundation, this festival through water ceremony, tours, catch and release fishing lessons, food, vendors, games and prizes is sure [to] leave us with a new lease on our river.”

Earlier this month, KBOO and Village Portland reporter Lesley McLam interviewed Donovan Smith, festival organizer and Portland Harbor Community Coalition media coordinator, about the Portland Harbor Superfund site and the festival.

At the link in the photo below, the interview with Smith begins @ 5:50. They begin discussing the music festival @ 22:45.

Smith said the federal comment period about the Superfund site is over, but still recommended that concerned neighbors demand more resources for the river from Oregon Governor Kate Brown through this Earth Justice site:

Oppose the weakening of the Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup

In the interview, Smith said $700 million was originally allocated to clean up just 8 percent of the site’s worst toxins, but that was increased to 13 percent due to pressure from the community.

Keep in touch with updates on the project from the Environmental Protection Agency and read all the public comments here.

City of Portland

In the interview, Smith said that even after the Superfund project is complete the river will “still be pretty sick”.

Willamette Week reports: “Advocacy Group Opposes Proposed Weakening of Willamette River Superfund Site Cleanup Plan”

The even begins with an opening Indigenous prayer by Art McConville @ 11:30 am. Mat Randol is the headliner, beginning his set at 5 pm.

The festival is an opportunity to reflect, celebrate… and plan for the future.

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